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Chemistry Alumnus’ Enthusiasm for Research Began at UCF

chemistry alumnus 200x216Dr. Allyn Brice, ’04, discovered his infatuation with research in the UCF Chemistry Department. During his last three years at UCF, Dr. Brice spent most of his time doing research in polymer synthesis with the Chemistry Department chair, Dr. Kevin Belfield. Dr. Brice’s research on organic synthesis was even included in one of Dr. Belfield’s […]

Scene of the Crime

CoryWinar-web-528x396Shows like “CSI,” “Bones” and “NCIS” make the field of forensic science look exciting, and full of drama and intrigue. However, to the disappointment of crime show lovers everywhere, things don’t quite happen like they do on the small screen. Just ask Cory Winar, ’97, forensic lab manager for the Oregon State Police. “We wear a […]

UCF Degree is Invaluable to Grad’s Career

UCF Chemistry Alumna, Lauren Austin, '09.During her time at UCF, Lauren Austin, ’09, worked as an undergraduate research assistant. She published two papers and worked on the creation of a one-step homogenous immunoassay for cancer biomarker detection. Austin looks back at her undergraduate research experience at UCF and describes it as invaluable to her career and current success. Austin graduated […]


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